A golf Olimje

Club Details

  • Olimje 24
  • SI-3254 Podcetrtek
  • Slovenia, Europe
  • Club Secretary:
  • Club Captain: ()

Course Details

  • Course Designer:
  • Holes: 9
  • Par:
  • Opened for play:
  • Booking Tee Time (Number):
  • Signature Hole Information:

Competition Details

  • Mens Open Date:
  • Womens Open Date:

Fee Details

  • Join Fee: N/a
  • Annual Fee:
  • Discounts:



Description: In Olimje it becomes clear how tempting hospitality combined with an attractive landscpae can be. Each of the nine holes demands a different tactic, and this golf course can easily lead to it that you become obsessed with golf. As a supplementary program the thermal spring of Olimia only 2 km away is offered.

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