Golf Resort Berlin Pankow

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  • Blankenburger Pflasterweg 40
  • D-13129 Berlin
  • Berlin and Brandenburg, Germany, Europe
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  • Course Designer:
  • Holes: 18/9/6/3
  • Par:
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  • Mens Open Date:
  • Womens Open Date:

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  • Join Fee: N/a
  • Annual Fee:
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Description: The center arose 2004/2005 within the city limits of Berlin, the 18-hole golf course, the 9-hole course on the flow and a 3-hole practice course. In 2010, our resort has been extended by an additional 6-hole short course, so that the Golf Resort Berlin Pankow now has over 36 playable hole. The patron of the Golf Resort Berlin Pankow is the famous goalkeeper Sepp Maier. Due to the easy accessibility of the center of Berlin by car, train or bus, the cost to host players and members and by the extensive range of play opportunities across the entire facility, we hope to provide an attractive addition to the golfers in Berlin. Guest players from other golf clubs and golf player without a club membership are warmly welcome. Tee times are not required. For larger groups we ask for telephone registration .

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