Golf Club Medjimurje

  • Grkavescak bb
  • 40313 Sveti Martin Na Muri
  • Croatia
  • Croatia, Europe
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  • Holes: 9
  • Par:
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Description: The golf course is PAR 28. Length of yellow tees (gentlemen): 1.237 m, length of red tees (ladies, juniors): 1.056 m. The course is designed for practising and playing longer distances as well, e.g. holes from 100 to 500 m, i.a. PAR 3 to PAR 5. The course is slightly hilly, surrounded by woods, meadows and vineyards. It contains 8 sand bunkers, 3 ponds, 3 watercourses and a small waterfall. Approximately 300 trees of various types (decidious trees, conifers and fruit trees) grow on the course.

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