About Global Golf Club

Global Golf Club, known affectionately to us as GGC, is a new unique golfing experience. There are many exciting features on the site currently for you to experience and enjoy, but, we have a lot more in the locker that we will be rolling out over the next few months.

Just like the awesome green keeping staff at any golf course, our team of “green developers” are beavering away in the background to bring you the best online 18 holes of your life.

Our main feature is our Member Match. Where, after signing up for free to GGC, you will be able to create your own profile where you can provide all of your golfing details including your handicap, your interests (including those outside of golf), your social media links, and the golf club you are a member (although we also welcome social golfers in our club too). Once a member, you will be able to search and connect with other members of GGC, interact on our forum, share reviews on courses and equipment, but best of all, meet new golfing partners.

This is the best part of Member Match, think of it like a dating service for Golfers.

Do you ever find yourself with spare time, but can’t find anyone to play golf with?
Do you ever dream of playing a specific course and would love to meet a member there to play with?
Do you travel on business and would like to get in a quick 18 pre or post meeting in whatever country you are in?
Are you new to golf and looking to make new golfing friends?

Just some of the reasons why GGC is the club for you!

Features of Global Golf Club

Where do we start? We already have lots of awesome features and plenty more in development. Our online green keepers are pruning the site on a daily basis to make it perfect. Our team are like the best golf green keeping team in the business, Augusta National. Where over the past 40 years the maintenance staff have set the standard extremely high for golf courses globally.  Well, our team are doing the same thing here. We want you to have the best golf experience online here at GGC. We want you to have every feature you want or need in a golf site. So if you are still not excited by what we have and what we are introducing tell us what you want and let our team ‘stick it stiff’.

Member Search

Not only is this our main feature here at Global Golf Club, it’s also the reason behind our story. Golf is a game we all love and enjoy. There’s nothing better than being out on the links in our managing directors case, or on the hallowed turf of any golf course in the world.  Except maybe meeting like-minded fellow golfers who love and appreciate the beauty of the game, the sport and the heritage of golf.

There are many existing social networks that most people will use. You can even use private groups on those platforms to talk about golf, their club, or even to try and arrange a golfing society outing. However, we have created a unique social platform just for golfers. Exclusively through GGC’s member search, you will be able to find and make new golfing friends, message each other through our internal system, post your golfing highlights, follow each other and comment on stories, read and leave reviews on golf courses and experiences and much more. Not only that you can use GGC to find someone to play golf with, when you want to play, at a course where you want to play.


The best thing is that when you meet a member through GGC and arrange to play and they sign you onto their course to play, as a guest. This means you pay a massively reduced green fee. Some courses which normally charge £100 or $150 allow members to sign guests on for as little as £20 or $40. You have made a new friend, you have played a new course, and had a great golfing experience. To top it off it’s cost you less than half of what it would do normally to play on that golf course! Do you need another reason to join GGC?

Golf is an inclusive sport, (just ask Muirfield ?). Whether you are male or female, a junior or a senior, a pro or an amateur, GGC is the Golf Club for you to join.

You can search for members by geography, interests, or handicap to find the perfect golfing partner. Are you a beginner and only want to play with beginners? No problem. You can set a limit to match players within 5 or 10 of your 26 handicap. An experienced player?

Again no problem. Set your limit to within 5 of your handicap of 2! Then drill down, find the people who like similar things to you – like fishing, wine, badminton, chess, reading. Whatever your interests are, there’s a golfing partner waiting for you in GGC.

Course Directory

Did you know there are over 30,000 golf courses in the world? In the UK alone, there are over 2,000. In the USA there are 12,000. On our Courses page, you are able to search courses by name, country or region. You are able to view all the course details, read or leave a review or rating, and find GGC members from that golf course. Meaning you can easily find someone to arrange a game with, or read about the course history, signature holes. You can also find out if they have any special offers on, perfect for golf societies looking to book a golf outing.

We also list feature courses. For example, Downfield, an Open Championship qualifying course designed by James Braid, and described by Open champion Paul Lawrie as “one of the finest inland courses in Britain.”

Driving Ranges & Golf Shops

Similarly to our golf course listings, we are working on creating a list of every golf shop in every country, and every driving range and practice facility globally.

Driving to the first tee and you need some balls, gloves or waterproofs? Want to know where the nearest open shop is? Well, you only need to search here on GGC.

Want to find a driving range close to where you will be staying or book a lesson with a pro? A simple search here on GGC will put you in touch with the right person.

These features will both be launched Summer 2017.

Official World Golf Rankings

We all like to keep an eye on the elite and see how they are performing. Who is number one in the world? Who is in a spot for qualification for the Ryder Cup Team? All useful information – especially for those of us who like to play fantasy golf (another feature we will be launching soon).

Here at GGC, we show, using official world golf ranking positions, the top 1000 golfers in the world. We also track other members so that as positions change, and people move in or out, you can easily see track their performance.

We wanted to make sure you can keep an eye on your favourite players. So if Dustin Johnson (the world’s No.1) is your man, then you can find all the information you need to know about him, including his wins, his stats on tour this year, what he’s been tweeting or posting on Instagram by clicking on his profile. Meaning you never miss a message from your favourite player.

Golf Vacancies

Are you working in golf and looking for your next career move? Or would you love to find a job in golf? Once again, here at GGC, we have you pitch perfect. You can search jobs by type, keyword, country and location, to find that perfect golf job that you’ve always dreamed of. There are over 30,000 golf jobs listed in our vacancies section and this updates daily.

We will soon introduce a job alerts function, letting you know instantly when a job matching your criteria comes up. We will also soon launch our Golf Executive Recruitment Service.

Golf Business Directory

If you are looking for any type of golf product, service or business, then take out your 7 iron and knock it stiff in our directory to find exactly what you are looking for. From Golf Apparel, Golf Shoes, Golf Balls, Golf Clubs, Golf Carts, Golf Waterproofs, Golf Bags, Golf Books, Golf Videos, Golf Teaching Aids, Golf Clothes and much more you can search by what you are looking for and the country that you need it from. If it’s a company that sells something to do with golf, you’ll find them here.

If you have a business in the golf industry you can submit your details to our Global Golf Business Directory, advertising to players around the world.

Golf Market Place

If you are looking to purchase more golf equipment or accessories, at a reasonable price. Or, if like us, your garage is full of old golf equipment, which you are looking to sell, then you look no further that GGC.

Those looking to buy or sell second-hand golf equipment can take advantage of our search by location function, and use our message service to contact the seller or buyer. Now there is a site dedicated to selling used golf equipment directly to golfers – no more need for generic sites targeting a limited audience.

Golf Insurance Is a Must

When you step on the golf course it’s not a legal obligation to have Golf insurance, but it is a necessity. You are entering a sporting environment where there are projectiles moving at over 100 miles per hour in all directions. Accidents can and do happen. Similarly, while you are out on the course or even spending time at the 19th hole, you might leave your golf equipment unattended outside the Club House or in your car. Unfortunately, you may become a victim of the rise in golf club theft.

Despite this, the vast majority of the 4 million Golfers in the UK do not have Golf Insurance. That’s why one of the first partnerships we established here at GGC was with Golf Care. Founded in 2003, Golf Care have grown to become the largest specialist golf insurance provider in the UK. When you join GGC for free you will also be entitled to a discount on your golf insurance with Golf Care. Giving you peace of mind in case you are injured on the course, you injure someone or there is damage or theft of property. Our advice here at GGC would be to take advantage of our unique offer and sign up with our partners at Golf Care.

Our Story

Global Golf Club as a concept has been around for some time now. The idea was originally conceived when our Managing Director was flying back from a business meeting. That morning he squeezed in 18 holes before the meeting on his own. “Wouldn’t it have been more fun to have played with someone else?” he thought.

Life (and golf) gets in the way, and so the idea was on hold for around twelve years. Well, the time is now! We know the golfing audience needs a dedicated global golfing platform. We know golf has grown expensive, and we know golfers like to meet fellow golfers. Golfers like to engage socially, but other social platforms are not dedicated to golf. GGC is all about you, the golfers of the world.

Our development team, who are all keen golfers themselves, are based in Scotland, the Home of Golf. As with all great ideas, there has been a lot of diversions, and a lot of golf, along the way – including one behind our site name (all will be revealed in due course).

We love feedback and we love to know what you think about GGC, our current features and those which are coming soon. If you think there’s something missing, please tell us and we will do our best to include it. GGC is a golf site by golfers for golfers.